Award Categories

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Submissions will be nominated for 8 award categories in ASEAN Risk Awards 2017 as shown below.

Categories Description
Risk Champion
This award is given to organization that has proven itself to be able to lead innovation in Risk Management. The elements that are going to be judged comprise success in delivering superior value to the company through integrated risk management.
GRC Awards
This award recognizes organization with outstanding capability in conducting good governance, implementing risk management, and complying with the government regulations. The judges will search for evidence that the organization is able to transform the overall organization performance through an integrated use of GRC.
Risk Innovation
As innovation leads us to a better world, we are delighted to discover companies that have contributed to the advancement of risk management knowledge and practice by finding new ways in its implementation. Winning factor lies heavily on success in creating or implementing new and creative approach in risk management.
Risk Technology
Risk Technology is given to consulting firms for utilizing or inventing new technology to deliver a seamless risk management practices. Judges will look for firms that have successfully used technological solutions to strengthen the organization's capability in managing risks.
Public Innitiative
This award celebrates innovation in public sector as it helps many citizens live a better life. Participants of this category should be able to prove their accomplishment in designing or creating creative solutions that has or is expected to serve public interest.
Public Risk
Public Risk Award is given to a public organization that has invented innovative risk management initiatives. The judges is looking for those who have created new, effective ways in managing uncertainties faced by their country.
Risk Educator
We are also in search for the most innovative risk educator in Southeast Asia. This award will be given to organization that has invented and implemented new, innovative ways to learn Risk Management. The elements that are going to be judged involve success in creating and using innovative form of GRC/risk education methods such as training techniques, e-learning platforms, workshops, seminar or any other forms of learning.
Risk Manager of the Year
Risk Manager of the Year Award acknowldedges the outstanding performance by risk management professional who has put the remarkable effort in reinforcing the implementation of risk management’s best practice and inspiring their team. The aspects that need to be recognized in this individual include the ability to effectively communicate the importance of risk management within the corporate structure, the ability to seek innovative approaches for solving complex problems, and the possession of outstanding leadership skills & ability to help others develop quality risk management programs.